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I remember the days in CA firms when your parents had to pay for your “articles” and adding up numbers in a telephone book or filling a partner’s pen with ink was part of your “training”

Using Tippex (a kind of white paint to correct typing errors for those who don’t know) was banned and all the partners had to be called “Mr” (there were no female partners)

I remember the day the senior partner walked into the office with a new typewriter, called for silence and made the proud announcement to all staff that  ”this machine will hold 4 pages of A4 in its memory”  and was only to be used by the senior secretaries….

Now some accounting firms still haven’t really moved on from those days (only joking..) but in complete contrast is the approach by Richard Long and the team at Deloitte who have recently set up a dedicated facebook page Your Future at Deloitte

No chances of filling up pens and counting phone numbers with them :-)

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  • Jules · October 28, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    I think this is a great idea

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