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IT Salaries and rates weaker

Here are some key facts from the latest AbsoluteIT report

  • The past 6 months has not recorded any drop in the median salary being offered of $75,000 as measured against the 12 month total period
  • Median contracting rates have dropped 12.5% in the past 6 months
  • The median contract offered is now $70.00 per hour down from $80.00 per hour against the 12 month total period
  • Total value of overall employment packages have dropped $2,500, from $78,000 to $75,500
  • Fewer people are being offered flexible working hours
  • Training has been slashed as staff budgets tighten
  • Employers are offering less overall when it comes to attracting new staff
  • The full report is available HERE   

    Whilst most of the above is not exactly a surprise, if the pundits are right, there are likely to be significant changes in the next 6 months as IT skills shortages appear again.


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